Fredo silver marbled Wall Clock Tav Design woonaccessoires

Material: milk glass dial Ø20 cm with silver marbled metal housing.

Power: 1 AA battery (excl.)

Delivery: Immediate.

Height 53x Width 39 cm

Wall clock with Fredo, you always know what time it is. His original appearance consists of elegant arches made of high quality metal and a rectangular face of beautiful glass. In this model four hours in numbers so you can see at a glance what time it is. For the edge, the color black was chosen because it fits within the living colors now. The Fredo is new in the TAV collection and fits in any modern interior. Due to its robust form, this clock also excellent to be right on a wide or high wall as in an office building. Also nice to give away. This designer wall clock fits into any interior.But is also a must for a hall or reception area of ​​a company or a waiting room.

This wall clock is equipped with a silent quality quartz movement.

The first clocks (if it may be so called) were sundials which the rotation of the earth is a measure of the time indicated. The house, garden and kitchen clock has developed tremendously over the years. From only tijdduider is long no more. Clocks are available in all shapes and sizes, and can now be considered as a full interior article, living as a fashion accessory or object. Here you can find all possible clocks, in all styles from various designers.

Our own import ensures a good quality at a competitive price.

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